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What is Live Resin and ENDO by The Clear?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is favored for its fresh aromas, tastes, and effects. Introducing ENDO – our live resin and distillate cartridge.


Most cannabis connoisseurs likely know about live resin – a concentrate that is favored for its fresh aromas, tastes, and impactful effects. Keep reading to learn more about live resin, how it’s extracted, and about The Clear’s enhanced live resin cartridge. We love it and hope you do too!

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis oil extracted from cannabis plant material that has been freshly frozen immediately after being harvested, rather than being dried or cured. This preserves the cannabinoids like THC and compounds that make up its smells and tastes.

How is Live Resin Extracted?

As mentioned, live resin is extracted from whole cannabis plants before they are cured. Cannabis chemists start by freezing live flower buds and sugar leaves that are rich in trichomes. Trichomes are the white frosty crystals on buds and leaves that have an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Usually, the buds and leaves are chilled down to at least -40° F using specialized dry-ice freezers or liquid nitrogen. This allows the raw flower to avoid degradation and retain more of its original terpene and cannabinoid profile. This makes it a full-spectrum product containing all-natural compounds of the raw cannabis plant.

Within 24-36 hours of being frozen, the plant parts are passed through with a solvent, then the live resin extraction is purged of solvents at a low temperature. Hydrocarbon extraction is considered the most optimal method of extracting live resin and is commonly used to create this craft concentrate.

Live Resin Vapes

Can you put live resin in a cartridge? The answer is yes. While traditionally this cannabis concentrate is consumed using a dab rig, live resin can also be taken in a vape pen. It can be placed in an oil cartridge, attached to a battery, and vaporized for smooth and tasty hits.

This method of consumption is growing. Live resin vapes are estimated to make up nearly 21% of vape sales nationally with sales forecasted to increase by 35% in 2022 according to Brightfield Group.

So, if you love live resin or are curious, heads up! The Clear has a brand new enhanced live resin cartridge on the market – ENDO. We will tell you all about this delicious full-spectrum concentrate and what makes ENDO unique below.

What is ENDO Enhanced Live Resin?

We start with the highest quality cannabis plants that are locally grown and extracted using state-of-the-art equipment. Available strains will vary from state to state (currently ENDO live resin vapes are being offered at select locations in Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Michigan).

After extraction of the fresh-frozen flower, ENDO live resin is made by crystalizing or “diamond mining” the cannabinoid THCA. This removes the crystals, and the result is a tasty, high-grade live resin ‘sauce’ that is the star of the show.

Next, we enhance the potency of our live resin by mixing it with our AAA grade THC distillate. Our distillate is extracted from high-quality flower and created using our proprietary extraction and distillation process to achieve maximum purity for the cleanest oil.  

ENDO Flavors

Finally, we add just a touch of our award-winning all-natural flavors to the distillate. We subject each new strain of high-grade live resin extract to rigorous sensory testing to find the perfect pairing with the terpene profiles in our flavors. These flavors are not synthetically made but created in-house using plant-derived terpenes. Our ENDO flavors include:

  • Blueberry
  • Blue Raz
  • Grapevine
  • Orange Cream
  • Lime Sorbet
  • Potent Pineapple
  • Banana Cream
  • Lemon Haze

Combine this with C-CELL technology hardware that sets the industry standard, and it results in an elevated enhanced live resin vape experience. This includes unique all-natural flavors and more terpene and cannabinoids from the natural plant that all connoisseurs will highly enjoy.

You will not find a craft concentrate like ENDO anywhere else - this unique oil is potent and delicious. As a testament, Rooster's 2022 710 Showdown cannabis competition awarded ENDO Blueberry 3rd place in the Hydrocarbon Vape category!

How do you use an ENDO cartridge and battery?

You might be wondering what is the best battery for live resin cartridges. Our ENDO cartridge comes with 500mg or 1000mg of oil and is compatible with a 510 thread battery. The 510 cart will twist right into any of our The Clear batteries.

Endo cart and battery

After you take your ENDO cart out of its package, attach it to a standard or dual voltage The Clear battery. If you are using a dual voltage battery press the button five times to turn it on. If this is the first time hitting the cartridge or if you need to warm it up because it’s cold, click the button twice. This puts it in a pre-heat mode to prime you for the first hit.

The low setting is best for ENDO

To change the temperature settings, press the button three times and the light on the battery will turn yellow at 3.6 volts, which is best for larger hits. Press it three more times for the next setting and the light on the battery will turn white at 3.0 volts.

The white 3.0 volts low setting is great if you want to get as much flavor out of the cartridge as you can and care less about the thickness of the hit. This lower voltage has the advantage of preserving the flavor and preventing degradation of the oil. We also recommend this setting to be used specifically for Endo because the high terpene content of the Endo line means that it has a less viscous texture, allowing the Endo oil to flow easily at lower temperatures.

How to turn the battery off and store ENDO

Press the button five more times to turn the battery off. Be sure to store your Endo cart upright in a cool, dry safe place away from extreme cold or heat. If it gets too hot it can degrade the quality of the oil. You can detach the cartridge from the battery while not in use, and always safely lock it up and store out of reach from children or pets.


Ready to try Endo? We hope you will enjoy this enhanced live resin vape experience! Both flower and cannabis oil lovers will find an ENDO session satisfying and discreet.

To find ENDO cartridges near you visit our locations map to find a dispensary that carries this new and exciting product. If you work at a dispensary and would like to feature ENDO in your shop contact us.


WARNING: Overconsumption of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder, Mental Health Symptoms/Problems, Cannabis Hyperemesis (CHS), and Cannabis use disorder/dependence, including physical and psychological dependence.

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